Divinity Concerns

Tiffany Beennett Cornelous

Tiffany B. Bennett-Cornelous
Vice President of Divinity Concerns

Greetings in the sweet spirit of Shaw University! 

With the new vision our National Alumni Association President has shared with us, it is my goal to be an effective liaison for the Shaw University Divinity School.  We envision strengthening the presence of Divinity students within the Alumni Association.  Shaw University is only as strong as the interest in keeping the spirit alive. 

Please continue to check this page for new information.  If you have a question or concern as it relates to Shaw University Divinity School and the National Alumni Association of Shaw University, please send your inquiry or comment to DivinityConcerns@shawunaa.com.

Don’t forget to support your local chapter and make a difference wherever you are located!

I look forward to hearing from you and having you become a part of the National Alumni Association of Shaw University.